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#985 – SuperShow: Richard Spencer & MrGirl Discuss, Dick Breaks Leg, + Perplexing Portugal


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Richard Spencer and Mr. Girl have a conversation about a range of topics until Mr. Girl ragequits. Dick slips and breaks his foot and can’t go to Portugal. Ralph re-considers the Portugal trip. Surfer calls in to dunk on the fat Canadian lesbian.

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#984 – Dick Masterson vs Aimee Terese on Prostitution


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The Dick Show’s Dick Masterson has a conversation with What’s Left’s Aimee Terese about the legalization of Prostitution.

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#983 – Adam Green vs Classical Theist


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Christianity Debate Part 2. The Anti-Abrahamic Assassin Adam Green battles the Catholic Commander of America First, Classical Theist. Nick Fuentes receives a subpoena from the bullshit January 6th committee. Tim Pool introduces Jason Miller of GETTR to a buzzsaw.

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#982 – Patrick Howley Live, Portugal Bound, + Quartering Salty About Barren Wife


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National File’s Patrick Howley calls out the vaccine cultists. Ralph decides to travel to Portugal with Dick. A defeated and humiliated Jeremy Hambly of the Quartering is forced to admit that he can’t impregnate his wife. Ralph offers a solution to that problem.

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#981 – Alex Stein Live, Portugal Trip?, + More


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Alex Stein makes his debut. Ralph ponders a Portugal vacation.

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#980 – Vince James vs MrGirl


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#979 – Vito Joins Live, Plus Pat Dixon, & Vax Mandate Struck Down by SCOTUS


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#978 – Styx vs Ramzpaul


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#977 – Stardust vs John Fashcroft


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RIP Colin Flaherty.

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#976 – The Free Ralph Festival: Destiny vs Mark Collett + Much More


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