BREAKING: Peaceful Sunset Productions presents…

The Inaugural Killstream Kingpin Invitational

A wild night of laughs & drinks, and…A CHAMPION TEAM WILL BE CROWNED!

The event takes place on April 2nd in Dallas, Texas. Exact location will be sent to attendees on the day of the private event. MAKE SURE YOU USE A WORKING EMAIL!

The bowling alley is all ours for the entire evening and will be closed to the public.

The only way to get in will be to have one of these tickets. 


CONFIRMED SO FAR (more coming soon):

Ethan Ralph, Host of the Killstream

Dick Masterson of The Dick Show

Mersh from Revenge of the Cis & Nightwave

Royce from Revenge of the Cis & Daywave

Harrison Smith, host of American Journal


The Killstream, hosted by Ethan Ralph, is a blend of Internet Insanity, Politics, Drama, and Popular Culture, with a guest list unlike any other show on any other medium. You just never know what’s going to happen on the Killstream!

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