#935 – Dick & Vito Talk Netflix, Rittenhouse Roundup, + More

[ks-embed ktv=”” bitchute=”” odysee=”https://odysee.com/@theralphretort:1/killstream-supershow-dick-vito-plus-more:2″ id=”20964563″ ep=”https://killstream.libsyn.com/dick-vito-talk-netflix-rittenhouse-roundup-more” taudio=”” tvideo=””] Dick Masterson and Vito Gesualdi of the Biggest Problem in the Universe get assaulted at a Dave Chapelle protest outside of Netflix headquarters, Corinne calls in to derail the show, and the media circus around the Kyle Rittenhouse trial gets into full swing. [ks-guest guest=”2264,507″ cohost=”345″ callin=”” …

#932 – Corinne vs Rachel Wilson on Women’s Suffrage

[ks-embed ktv=”” bitchute=”” odysee=”https://odysee.com/@theralphretort:1/corinne-vs-rachel-wilson-on-womens-suffrage-killstream:4″ id=”20838638″ ep=”corinne-vs-rachel-wilson-on-womens-suffrage” taudio=”” tvideo=””] [ks-guest guest=”2062,7875″ cohost=”” callin=”” mention=””]

Killstream Special: 24 Hour Fuck Trovo Festival

[ks-embed ktv=”” bitchute=”” odysee=”https://odysee.com/@theralphretort:1/fuck-trovo-festival-killstream:3″ id=”” ep=”” taudio=”” tvideo=””] ALMOST THREE YEARS TO THE DAY SINCE THE HEALSTREAM, THE KILLSTREAM PROUDLY PRESENTS… THE FUCK TROVO FESTIVAL!! 24 HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT! ODYSEE IS KING!! Killstream.TV Links: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 [ks-guest guest=”” cohost=”” callin=”” mention=””]

#878 – Summer Weekender

[ks-embed ktv=”https://watch.killstream.tv/webtv-v3/program-group/ac4f1dca38ed00ed1f6e984fb9c75ea8/program/f2a23e7a93314f18a03d693f63400f8d” bitchute=”” odysee=”” id=”19856552″ ep=”summer-weekender” taudio=”” tvideo=””] Corinne stops by with some insanity and a possible weekend quest line. [ks-guest guest=”2062″ cohost=”365,1491,482″ callin=”” mention=””]