Tequila Sunrise: Monday Edition, RIP Beatty, + More

[ks-embed ktv=”https://watch.killstream.tv/webtv-v3/program-group/14d723936ffd7802c811da22d3aee604/program/6d952c65abc7e110d4cf5b4a2f2c9b22″ bitchute=”” odysee=”” id=”” ep=”” anchor=”” taudio=”” tvideo=””] Ethan Klein is accused of sexual harassment by Trisha Paytas, Actor Ned Beatty passes away, Milo interviews Baked Alaska, Loudoun County parents and students are in revolt against the school board over letting men use women’s bathrooms and showers, Resident Evil on Netflix gets darker, Bibi …

Tequila Sunrise: H3H3/Paytas, Madman Lindell, + Based Nigeria

[ks-embed ktv=”https://watch.killstream.tv/webtv-v3/program-group/14d723936ffd7802c811da22d3aee604/program/a0ae298569ee167dcbf2eb869b79dda4″ bitchute=”” odysee=”” id=”” ep=”” anchor=”” taudio=”” tvideo=””] [ks-guest guest=”” cohost=”” callin=”” mention=””]

#851 – Return From Memphis

[ks-embed ktv=”https://watch.killstream.tv/webtv-v3/program-group/ac4f1dca38ed00ed1f6e984fb9c75ea8/program/dd948653c3897eeaf650b6b6421c0a02″ bitchute=”” odysee=”” id=”19415609″ ep=”return-from-memphis” taudio=”” tvideo=””] The Summer Begins as Ralph returns from Memphis, TN. [ks-guest guest=”” cohost=”5551,482,1491,345″ callin=”” mention=””]