Baked Alaska

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Baked Alaska is a right-wing personality, a close friend of Nick Fuentes and the America First crew, former host of the Internet Bloodsports era show The Baked Alaska Experience, and has the honor of being first victim of the Killstream in the Bloodsports Era. Ralph and Baked made up in the summer of 2020, and he made an in studio return to the Killstream on the June 20, 2020 episode, where he and Zoomer Matt sung a live rendition of We Love Our Cops with Ralph. He made a return to IRL streaming in the fall of 2020, which has produced a plethora of hilarious content. His ex-girlfriend Ashton Birdie became a regular contributor to the show.

Baked was one of the men that stormed the US Capitol building on January 6th, taking a picture in Nancy Pelosi’s office holding her phone. He received a permanent suspension from DLive along with several others.