Carl Benjamin “Sargon”

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Carl Benjamin, known by his pseudonym Sargon of Akkad, is a political commentator that rose to prominence during GamerGate. Sargon was one of the principle forces that helped to grow the “Skeptics,” a group of atheist talking heads that split from the atheist community over the growing focus on social justice issues. The Skeptics eventually fell apart due to infighting and having lost several debates and Bloodsports-style forums with members of the alt-right and dissident right. The final nail in the coffin was Joseph Lancaster, also known as Kraut and Tea, attempting to dox and run illicit back-channel operations (“gayops”) on discord servers against right-wing critics like JF Gariepy, Ryan Faulk (Alternative Hypothesis), and Gonzalo Lira (Coach Red Pill).

After the dissolution of the Skeptics, Sargon founded the “Liberalist” movement, which constituted many of the same talking points and pillars as the Skeptics, and continued its legacy. He then began a very long feud with Mister Metokur after the latter criticized his political aspirations. This feud came to a head on a special episode of the Killstream, where Sargon explained to the panel his master plan: Getting President Trump to tweet about GamerGate. The reception was not what he expected and a dejected Sargon left the stream.

With the Liberalist movement and political party going nowhere, Sargon’s next move was to publicly join UKIP alongside Count Dankula. This led to him declaring his intent to run for a seat in the European Parliament on a pro-Brexit platform. The political campaign ended in disaster for Sargon. His polling did not withstand the onslaught of media scrutiny, and he received a public denouncement from former UKIP chief Nigel Farage. UKIP finished in second to last place in the region, garnering only 3.22% support.