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Vaush is a leftist, Breadtuber, Flaggot, closet tankie, and ex-Destiny fan that wants to skin him and wear him like a suit. He has debated several Killstream guests such as Sargon and Destiny. His arch nemesis is Flamenco. He thinks about him all the time. Vaush mistakenly believed that Flam signed up on his website, and bragged about being able to dox him from his IP Address. He also believes that every single KiwiFarms account that posts in his thread is a Flamenco alt.

He battled against an incredibly inebriated Ralph on the Drunken Peasants podcast in March of 2020 and somehow found a way to lose. He admitted to loving horse dicks, being a sexual harasser, and not being able to define what he actually believes. When Vaush hinted that he was going to pay a visit to his ex-wife, he rage quit the stream after Ralph claimed he was going to dox his fat, disgusting girlfriend. Vaush then went on to pull his best Matt Jarbo impersonation and called on all of his followers to flag down Ralph’s social media, channels, and payment options.