Vince James

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Vince James is a right-wing political analyst, commentator, and author. He runs The Red Elephants website and YouTube channel. He was part of the Groyper uprising against TPUSA and Charlie Kirk that saw the organization and its founder humiliated several times by Nick Fuentes and the aforementioned Groypers.

Vince’s bloodsports debut on the Killstream saw him battle lawyer Nick Rekieta on the subjects of the limits of free speech and whether pornography should remain legal. Vince also debated the Twitch streamer Destiny on Jesse Lee Peterson‘s The Fallen State program.

In January of 2021, Vince James and with several other America First figures were unjustly banned from DLive, following a crackdown by the website prompted by hitpieces sourced from scumbags like the SPLC and individuals associated with the domestic terror group Antifa.