#984 – Dick Masterson vs Aimee Terese on Prostitution

[odysee]https://odysee.com/$/embed/dick-masterson-vs-aimee-terese-on-prostitution-killstream/31f0fce99c7df3d8aa1ed8880a962aca4a180e4c[/odysee] [ks-embed ktv=”” id=”” ep=””] The Dick Show’s Dick Masterson has a conversation with What’s Left’s Aimee Terese about the legalization of Prostitution. [ks-guest guest=”507,8320″ cohost=”3444″ callin=”” mention=””]

#644 – What’s Left Podcast Live, Big Tech Testimony, + White Reparations

The Killstream Crosses Over With the What’s Left Podcast