#939 – Josh Moon Attacks Metokur, Rittenhouse Trial Begins, + Legalman Live

[odysee]https://odysee.com/$/embed/rittenhouse-trial-begins-legalman-live-plus-more/9b49b49357e92a37438815cf86c622b362f35dbd[/odysee] [ks-embed ktv=”” bitchute=”” odysee=”” id=”21029540″ ep=”https://killstream.libsyn.com/josh-moon-attacks-metokur-rittenhouse-trial-begins-legalman-live” taudio=”” tvideo=””] Legalman joins the program to give his take on the Rittenhouse trial circus, Tucker Carlson exposes that Lindsey Graham demanded officers murder Trump supporters on January 6th, Josh has a complete mental breakdown about Mister Metokur’s stream, a former Presidential candidate is coming for Jim, and …

#870 – Legalman & Howley On Cosby, Broken Justice System, + Warski’s Back

[ks-embed ktv=”https://watch.killstream.tv/webtv-v3/program-group/ac4f1dca38ed00ed1f6e984fb9c75ea8/program/c8f6f70a996b8ff1fe78b3efcd9457a0″ bitchute=”” odysee=”” id=”19738127″ ep=”legalman-howley-on-cosby-broken-justice-system-warskis-back” taudio=”” tvideo=””] Legalman makes an amazing first impression, Patrick Howley joins him as a guest as we talk about the Bill Cosby release, and Andy Warski also returns for a fun finish. [ks-guest guest=”7363,3815″ cohost=”1491″ callin=”” mention=””]