#848 – Napalm Friday

[ks-embed ktv=”https://watch.killstream.tv/webtv-v3/program-group/e4d7cbb83386f2dfc30fe4bd1186ce9e/program/27ebdaeec5c04fd8036c876e2f96ab19″ bitchute=”” odysee=”” id=”19288133″ ep=”napalm-friday” taudio=”” tvideo=””] Ralph answers critics after Tea Clips termination, Netanyahu rumored to be out, + Culture War for Governor? Feat. Gator, Bibble, Rand, CW, & Warski. [ks-guest guest=”” cohost=”365,345,1491,5551,482″ callin=”” mention=””]

Tequila Sunrise: I Don’t Give a Fuck Friday

[ks-embed ktv=”https://watch.killstream.tv/webtv-v3/program-group/14d723936ffd7802c811da22d3aee604/program/9b262530e0aaa9eebf85e990fd324ab2″ bitchute=”” odysee=”” id=”” ep=”” anchor=”” taudio=”” tvideo=””] Pork Chops goes down, and for the first time in history, it wasn’t at a buffet. Ralph gets defamed, smeared and disavowed by channels he helped build yet again. No it’s not 2019. [ks-guest guest=”” cohost=”365,1491″ callin=”” mention=””]