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#860 – Round 2

[ks-embed ktv=”https://watch.killstream.tv/webtv-v3/program-group/ac4f1dca38ed00ed1f6e984fb9c75ea8/program/71dc461dd5f6ac10754a8ad4e41b9fb8″ bitchute=”” odysee=”” id=”” ep=”” taudio=”” tvideo=””] Rand and Warski join Ralph for Round 2 on Odysee. [ks-guest guest=”” cohost=”1491,482″ callin=”” mention=””]

#859 – Odysee Edition

[ks-embed ktv=”https://watch.killstream.tv/webtv-v3/program-group/ac4f1dca38ed00ed1f6e984fb9c75ea8/program/6e48b9112499cf468f38e3d3c678c6dc” bitchute=”” odysee=”” id=”19580447″ ep=”odysee-edition” taudio=”” tvideo=””] Tom Pappert of National File joins the show, Ralph gets a 3 day ban from Trovo for livestreaming 20 minutes of the most boring rally you’ve...