#495 – Iran War Closer Than Ever, Adam Green Live, Bonkers Biden, + Jarbo Lolsuit

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Rand: “Now Ralph, Have you heard of um.. Earth Day?”
Ralph: “I have, yes.”
Rand: “Have you heard of Carbon Footprints?”
Ralph: “I have, yes.”
Rand: “Do you know some people take that very seriously?”
Gator: [Gunshot]

Adam Green of Know More News is live on the Killstream as the Trump administration carries out a tactical military strike on Iran’s number two general, pushing the United States closer to yet another pointless military conflict in the Middle East. The panel considers what greatest ally might be involved with this one, while a very inebriated Rand stumbles in through the door and wants to know why the front fell off. Matt Jarbo, whom has apparently decided to abandon his “Mundane Matt” moniker, is in a battle with some hambeast from “The Fandom Menace” that is threatening to sue him for some reason and Joe Biden has taken to fedposting.

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