#502 – Joker Oscar Nom Surge, Hansen vs Onision, Anti-Bigot Lessons, + More

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“Its name is, I shit you not, Kenny Ethan Jones. You cannot make this stuff up. The world is a simulation. I don’t believe in anything anymore.”

– Gator

Ralph has come down with a bad case of the Mondays, but the show must go on! With Gator and Flamenco on tap, the Killstream crew highlights Ralph’s recent battles on Twitter over the Joker movie’s Oscar nominations, one interaction of which might lead to a future guest spot for a particular amateur journalist. The blue check mark strikes again! Afterward the Hansen vs Onision saga heats up, with Chris showing up to Onision’s house and asking him to take a seat. Also, Alex Jones had Richard Spencer on his show today and the conversation was must see television! Then the crew almost die laughing at an article about a wife getting cuckolded by a tranny, and Kenny Jones has chosen to live his life as a trans man!? All this and more on this episode of the Killstream.

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