#510 – Chris Cantwell Arrested Again, Sinatra Says Live, Virus Watch, + Zhu’s Bat Signal

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Sinatra Says joins the program and talks about how Susan is holding his $3,500 YouTube monies for ransom. Pay what you owe Susan! Chris Cantwell, the “Crying Nazi” as the media has effectively anointed him, is back in the headlines for some extreme levels of fedposting on Telegram that led to his arrest. The newest super AIDS is on the loose in China and seems to be on the verge of becoming a global pandemic, but Kathy Zhu is upset that people are critical of Chinese culture. Sorry Kathy, when your people dip bats into boiling water and eat live mice, your culture is a shithole. Maybe it has something to do with the large Umbrella corporation-esk biotechnology research building 30 minutes down the road. Are we going to be living The Division or Resident Evil? Only time will tell!

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