#513 – Wu Flu Intensifies, Prince Andrew Ducks FBI, Pepe the Frog Movie, + More

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Late, Gay, Muted! It’s the Killstream, still live in El Paso! Ralph has sampled the succulent Texas brisket but his Memphis heart will never waver! But boy does that basket of brisket look good. The Wu Flu has finally surpassed SARS, and Hong Kong is saying that China is lying about even that! It’s much worse than we all think, and by May 2020 it could be a worldwide epidemic! Also good news, it turns out according to CNN, you won’t need a mask! Just breathe in deeply the bat soup. Also Cassandra Fairbanks pokes a little fun at Poriticar Kathy and she does not seem to appreciate it! Prince Andrew originally said he was going to cooperate with the Epstein investigation but he suddenly got a case of cold feet! Hopefully the feet were of age. Embarrassing soy boy Arthur Jones is entering a documentary about Matt Furie and Pepe the Frog into the Sundance Film Festival and it’s just as Reddit tier and cringe as you can imagine. Also, Kathy Zhu’s Chinese musical interlude, drag queen degeneracy invades the Super Bowl, women learning to hit each other with sticks in Indonesia, and a caller calls in about his lying bitch of a wife accusing him of spousal abuse because he took a picture with Donald Trump.

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