#560 – YouTube Backs Suzy Lu, Sick Poly Baby Beating, Rona, + Weekender

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The TeamYouTube twitter account responds to John Swan and says no worries! Suzy isn’t breaking copyright laws at all by uploading full anime episodes with her webcam on it! Even moreso, they back up that even saying the word forehead is against the Terms of Service! The whole goddamn office is simping for Suzy. Fuck you Susan! Speaking of Susan, the crew listenens to Dylan Byers verbally fellate her for 30 minutes, while she talks about how great it is that YouTube has discouraged people from exercising free speech. Afterward, an update from the poly couple that were brought up in a previous episode. Turns out, one of the disgusting soyboys tried to murder the baby. You could see it in his eyes! Finally, the show closes on a high note, with a new video by everybody’s favorite Taco, Dame Pesos!

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