#683 – DLive Ban, Debate Coverage, + Ryan Long, Danny Polishchik, & Ashton Birdie

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Ralph gets banned for 3 days from DLive for playing the Hassle/Boogie clip, in which Hassle drops a gamer word. Thus, the Killstream moves to Bibble’s Saturday Sunset channel. Ralph drops a ton of gamer words while Bibble sweats nervously, and Donald Trump manhandles Biden and Fox News pussy Chris Wallace in a two on one bloodsports match. Then Ryan Long and Danny Polishchuk join the show hot off their latest political parody collaboration. Also, a video began circulating around the Internet that many claimed featured Ashton Birdie. Ashton calls in to correct the record and deny the authenticity of the video. Featuring the first episodic Killstream appearance of Rand since DLive banned him from appearing on any channel on their platform. The austere Aussie shitposter isn’t subject to your whims off platform Lemon Emperor!

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