#497 – Ashley Rae Back to Roast Cheong, Biden Back at It Again, Epstein, + More

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Ashley Rae Goldenberg returns to the Killstream to talk about Will Chamberlain and Ian Miles Cheong’s pathetic attempts to bribe her with… literally nothing. The crew share with Ashley more of Ian’s escapades including Jeremy Hambly, aka The Quartering, dropping all the hot goss on why he fired Ian from Exclusively Games. They also talk about their favorite Chungus memes, including the infamous “I’m scared of women” edit! Joe Biden continues to be a hair-sniffing machine that can spot a child in an audience from 40 yards away, and Jeffrey Epstein absolutely did not kill himself, but Agent 47 might have! These conspiracies are making Ralph so sleepy, chat. Don’t you want to take a nap?

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