#518 – Biden Support Collapses, Sanders Surge, Blade + Corinne, Zhu Insanity, + Oscars

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Ralph is sick and most of the co-hosts are AWOL, but the show must go on! He announces that Harrison Smith of InfoWars will be joining the program on Thursday. Joaquin Phoenix also won the best actor Oscar then went on to rant about inseminating cows and animal rights. Ralph declares he will stop watching movies before he stops drinking milk! Rand joins the program and brings real esoteric aussie shitposting music with him. That’s the band’s actual name, TISM! Biden struggles with “lyin dog-faced pony soldiers,” old man Bernie is rising, and Bootygay is looking to steal the entire election with “black money!” Corinne and Blade are sitting in a tree, and the chat wants to make like a member of the 41%. Shout-out to KiwiFarms while No Eggs plays over and over. Kathy Zhu Flu, Chungus and the other simps that comprise Human Events are trying to cancel Ashley Rae Goldenberg for making fun of Kathy.

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