#694 – Lobliner Returns, Hall Monitor Heidecker, Fed Ops, + News Blitz

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Marc Lobliner of Tiger Fitness makes his return to the Killstream for a call-in show about fitness, health and personal well being. More fallout from the Tim Heidecker snitching on Baked, with a possible Vito co-sign? Dr. Fauci whines about the Trump campaign harassing him. Also, the alleged Whitmer kidnapping appears to be a hoax, James Carville is saying the election is already over, the rich get richer under the lockdown, Baked has his Warski Moment, Netflix’s CEO tries to damage control for and defend the pedo movie Cuties, and Hirono makes up some shit about “sexual preference” that results in even the dictionary making changes to try to cover her ass.

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