#535 – Dame Returns, Corona Weekender, Bernie’s Swastika, + More

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Dame returns, fresh off his victory over Cenk Uygur! The Young Turks could not withstand his power. New Election meltdown video on the way! JAJAJAJAJAJAJA! The meltdown over Super Tuesday leads into the meltdown over coronavirus. Ralph is not convinced it’s a big deal. CNBC’s Rick Santelli wants to sacrifice people to the money gods for the glory of STONKS. Don’t buy the dip! Vincent Nicotra, Chris Hansen’s former tech guy, is suing him for harassment. MSNBC and the New York Times are terrible at math. Mundane Matt Jarbo has the coronavirus! Just kidding, he’s an idiot. Bernie Bros unfurl the ole German windmill at a Bernie rally. Alex Jones goes off. WAR MODE!

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