#536 – Corona Crash Sinks Stocks, Warski Returns, Abortionists Ablaze, + Big Week Ahead

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The boys are back in town! It’s the Killstream! Corona-chan is destroy everything in her wake, including the markets and possibly Ralph! CPAC and AIPAC’s Patient Zero shook hands with nearly everyone! Trump better spend his time getting tested rather than shitposting with Eugene Gu. More names confirmed for the roast of Dick Masterson, including Brittany Venti and a clip from Dame Pesos! Sargon has a plan to save the west, and it includes massive amounts of cucking. Speaking of cucking, Biden looks like he’s about to take this election to bed, as Bernie is underwater pretty much in every must win state. Also water is wet, but don’t tell Flamenco! Alinity’s cat gets revenge, then Andy Warski and Geekthulhu join the show to reminisce about old times, Andy hits the soundboard, then hits it again, some feminist abortionists light themselves on fire with a poorly thrown Molotov, and Carlos Maza is a rich socialist socialite whose parents own a McMansion.

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