#571 – Zoomer Matthew Live, Vito Talks Last of Us Leaks, DSP VS Rackets

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The Killstream goes on, but without Ralph! Due to an emergency, Gator fills in for the hosting duties, with Bibble and Flamenco joining in later. Zoomer Matthew, a guest that hasn’t been on the show since the Baked Alaska situation, joins the program to talk about life in the middle of nowhere, pulling Tim Pool’s beanie off his head, HWNDU, the internal battles going on in the right-wing, and the best way to troll politicians and journalists in 2020. Afterward, Vito from the Dick Show calls in to talk about the leaks from The Last of Us 2, and how he just wants to play video games and is tired of all this arthouse film crap leaking into the medium. Also, Nick Rekieta battles with DarkSydePhil on Twitter after a bombshell livestream going over DSP’s history and legacy, Joe Biden falls asleep while Hillary Clinton bends the knee, Howard Stern endorses Biden and tells Trump voters to go kill themselves, AMC Theaters blacklists Universal over video on demand movies, and Trump signs an Executive Order to tell the meat farms to open the hell back up. Can’t Abort the Retort!

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