#570 – Kim Jong Gone? Cheong Crawls Back, + Last of Us Leaks

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Ralph may love Mondays, but they certainly don’t love him back. Audio issues and technical difficulties abound. Ralph says fuck it, we’ll do it live! Gator takes over the reins of OBS and tries desperately not to fuck everything up worse than it already is. You know who else fucked up big time? Naughty Dog. An employee leaked the entire plot of The Last of Us 2, and Dyke Nukem was born. Spoilers abound for those that care about those things, but really, the game is going to be a shitshow. You should spend your $60 on some game that doesn’t write off theeir main protagonists through GameStop tranny rage. IT’S MA’AM! As the rumor mill goes, Kim Jong Un might be Kim Jong Gone. Have the rumors of his death been greatly exaggerated? Who knows, but his sister is ready to take up the mantle. Then Ralph ruins it by saying she looks like Martin Shkreli. Is it too late to change my vote? Lastly, Ian Miles Cheong’s twitter vacation was rather short. Within a day he had already walked back his earlier statement that he was deleting the app. Oh Chungus, you know you can’t quit us. Without the entirety of Twitter laughing at you on an almost daily basis, there’d be nothing else for you to live for! Thank you for continuing to provide us content for years and years. Also, Flamenco has the power of God and Anime on his side to smite e-girls like Extinct, Bibble goes horizontal, and Ralph forgets that he’s not the one running OBS. It’s the Killstream!

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