#575 – Into the Past with Eichenwald, Naughty Dog DMCAs, + Tucker Targets China

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Kurt Eichenwald doesn’t believe Tara Reade or all women, because someone allegedly destroyed his asshole while he was seizing out. He was ashamed of his bloody underpants! That Jessie guy that charged his bro crystal with Maddox is a mess. He made a four hour stream whining about his ex-girlfriend leaving him and once got so nervous he vomited on stage during a stand up routine. Breaking news, Suzy Lu’s Patreon is now under investigation for her massive amount of copyright violations. Shouldn’t have flagged Mark After Dark, Tipster and John Swan! Also, Tucker calls out China, and Naughty Dog & Sony continue filing fraudulent DMCAs on channels just discussing that the leaks exist. And Bronx calls in to call everyone a nazi and Flamenco gets tired of his shit.

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