#576 – Yach Says Bronx Too Gay To Debate, Ginsburg Health Watch, + KKK Supermarket Wear

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Happy Cinco de Mayo, the Killstream is a bit of a rattlesnake tonight, and Ralph doesn’t give a fuck! Captain Yach declares that Bronx, as a gay man, isn’t really a man, so the Captain wants a real man as his opponent. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is rushed to the hospital. Is it time for the crab rave GIFs yet!? Gavin McInnes exposes the SPLC. Andy Warski calls in and talks about trying to re-hydrate himself after a marathon session of “gaming,” and might want to have a go at the Captain. A man wears his pillow case to the grocery store in California. Hilarity ensues. Also, old people drive their cars into shit as Octogenarian Migration Season begins in Florida after the end of the lockdown.

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