#577 – DSP Dabs On Detractors, Bunty Back at it Again, + Venezuela Fiasco

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DSP Tries it: Destroying all of his creditors, every single detractor, and the entire finance system itself. Once again, Philip Burnell, against all conceivable odds, has come out on top. His bankruptcy plea was successful. It’s time for a celebration stream Phil! You know you have to dab on the haters! Ralph is working on setting up a few Bloodsports matches, including Sargon VS Mark Collett and Vince James VS Bronx Blogger. Also, Bunty King is back on his bullshit, creepily sliding into the DMs of a viewer’s sister. Tim Pool gives up the Subverse name, only to call it Scammer or Scanner or something. In an old video, Sam Hyde reveals DSP’s secret to success to keep the creditors off your back.

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