#589 – Ramzpaul, DeOrio, Boogie All Live, Keem vs Klein, + YoMama Tism

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We have yet another new Killstream t-shirt, courtesy of Cenk Uygur’s dumb nephew, “Them Killstream Boyz” available on the merch store. Paul Ramsey aka RamZPaul joins the show to talk about politics, the deplatforming of Killstream guest Ashley Goldenberg from her job at the Capital Research Center by the effeminate coward Jared Holt, the coronavirus lockdown and whether the lockdown itself was a hoax, Richard Spencer‘s beef with Mr. Paul, and more. We cover Keemstar‘s response to Ethan Klein’s attempt to destroy him, and Nick DeOrio and Andy Warski then join the show to talk about it. Boogie2988 then joins the show to respond to Gator’s and everyone’s earlier accusations regarding his seeming heel turn on Keem. Then some guy called YoMama on YouTube with 4.7 million subscribers, formerly known as Outback Zack, threatens to “expose” Keemstar and the Killstream for being “alt-right” and gets roasted by the panel, including Bowblax who joins in as an expert on autism.

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