#617 – Johnny Monoxide Live, Shoe Dumped, Bubba Smollett + Ralph Avoids Charges

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Gator runs a spooky edition of the Killstream while Ralph is busy calling out an angry bitch on his way back from his flight. Tonight’s guest is Johnny Monoxide of The Paranormies, and we cover all sorts of weird and mysterious subjects, such as UFOs, aliens, Joe Rogan, Interdimensional Space Vampires, all of your favorite female celebrity crushes actually being dudes, whether we’re trapped in a simulation, how coronavirus is fake (and non-heterosexual), and more! Also, it turns out that the Bubba Wallace noose story was fradulent and non-heterosexual as well, as video footage emerged showing the “noose” was really just a handle to pull the garage door closed, and it was there long before it was ever Bubba’s garage at Talladega! Ralph calls in and talks about almost catching a charge because he called some angry Karen a bitch. She wanted to press charges because he called her a bitch!

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