#620 – Dame Returns, Sicko Shane Dawson, + K-State Comes for Jaden McNeil

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The legendary Podcast King, Dame Pesos returns once again for the Weekender! Franchesca Ramsey calls in a hit on Andy Warski’s YouTube channel for drama from several years ago, then tries to delete her tweets about it while the show is on the air and starts blocking the co-hosts! Where you at Franny!? You you at!? Speaking of YouTube approved creators, Shane Dawson has been exposed for making really disturbing videos about minors, and also racism. Guess which one he apologized for? Also, leftist K-State students have been trying to get Killstream guest Jaden McNeil expelled from the university. Too bad there’s decades of Supreme Court precedent that says fuck you. Jaden’s lawyers are gonna come for that 500 million dollar endowment.

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