#621 – Molyneux & The Donald Banned, STL Boomer Couple Speaks, + Wake Up Trump

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Stefan Molyneux, Richard Spencer, and many others get banned from YouTube, r/TheDonald is purged from Reddit, Donald Trump gets his Twitch account suspended, Nick DeOrio gets all his videos put into a limited state. It seems like the deplatforming and demonetization engines are revved up to max. A couple in St. Louis tries to defend their property with the Second Amendment, now all the crazy leftists are calling for them to face punishment. Trump continues to be stabbed in the back by all of the people he’s surrounded himself with, and now he’s purportedly making the Traitor-in-Chief in his administration, Jared Kushner, even more powerful. When the hell are you going to realize he was a snake when you let him in Don?

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