#693 – Baked Banned From YouTube, Spencer vs Nick Cannon, + ADL Goes Gaming

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Nick Cannon has Richard Spencer on his show, Baked Alaska gets yeeted from YouTube thanks to Tim Heidecker and Vic Berger being hall monitors and the media continues to say that Donald Trump has no chance to win… just like they did in 2016. Bill Burr goes to Saturday Night Live and pisses off everybody. Electronic Arts calls in the ADL to fuck up and ruin gaming like they fuck up and ruin everything else. TikTok liberals get blown the fuck out by the GOP after they add a $5 surcharge on tickets for a Trump event, pulling in $16,000. Akilah Hughes makes a GoFundMe after losing her case against Sargon, and now all of the SJWs will be sending money directly to Carl. Good job idiots! Also, the Amy Coney Barrett hearing is underway, and it is already shaping up to be a gigantic shitshow.

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