#698 – Frank Hassle Returns, CNN’s Toobin Exposes Self, + Epic Week Ahead

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Frank Hassle makes his first appearance on the show since the throwdown with Boogie. Hassle Doctrine is in full effect! He just wants to be your friend Boogie! Jeffrey Toobin whips out his Toober on Zoom and starts Cooming. The Presidential Debate Commission continues trying to protect Joe Biden by removing National Security from the list of topics, just after the bombshell Hunter Biden corruption expose leaks! 4chan discovers an exploit in a voting website for Washington, Oregon and California, and Matt Jarbo begs the FBI Twitter account to save him from Gator’s mean tweets. Baked Alaska has been having a wild weekend on an RV trip across America, sending out his black friend to fight lesbians and pissing off old ladies. Then, Ashton Birdie calls in to give her take on the state of the 2020 Presidential Election and the IRL streaming antics.

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